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It's time to stand out from the competition and grow your business by choosing the cutting-edge solution for your communication campaigns.

Video Brochure Italia is the revolution in the print marketing, an interactive brochure consists of an LCD screen placed on paper, entirely customizable. The technological version of a winning advertising standards.

The video brochure is the prestigious solution for corporate and private events. Used as a gadget or as invitation card, VideoBrochureitalia communicate your message through a multi-sensory channel giving it greater communication effectiveness.

Discover the benefits of marketing through the Video Brochure, give your business a touch of prestige..



Video is the most important tool in the field of digital marketing. The combination of images and sounds creates a multi-sensory surprising effect enhances the perception of any message.

Video stimulates more perceptive channels, contributing to the increase of the degree of involvement of the audience and of communication effectiveness. VideoBrochureItalia combines traditional printed brochures to the addictive power of video.


The videobrochure is a completely customizable device, screen size, memory, buttons up to the final layout.

The electronics of our products are A grade category, each component is CE FCC Rohs certified

The size can be prepared depending on the needs of the customer, always in respect of the size of the hardware to be inserted. The A5 and A4 are the most common.

The screens available are 2.4 "/ 2.8" / 4.3 "/ 5" / 7 "/ 10" inches

Memories available 128Mb / 256Mb / 512MB / 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb / 8Gb

The first video starts and stops at the opening/closing of the videobrochure cover (by hidden magnet) or by a button depending on customer   needs. 

Option of adding more buttons depending on the video you want to play (start / stop)

The number of buttons* may vary depending on your needs. 

USB cable is provided in order to interact with the files in memory and to charge the Lithium battery

Color printing in full color

Choice of glossy / matt paper and emboss (optional)


* We always suggest to add 2 volume buttons

Realization procedures

Choice of display

Choice of memory

Choice number of buttons

Choosing the size of videobrochure

Choosing possible accessories (audio jack, security files, pages etc.)

Sending graphics and videos by the customer

Control graphical and video by videobrochureitalia (fonts, format and graphic definition video)

Hardware assembly

Printing layouts

Assembly hardware components in cut paper layout

Quality Check ( by our QC team onsite)


Shipping by air (Videobrochureitalia will provide tracking number to customer DHL / Fedex / Ups)

Arrival delivery to the customer at place indicated (we carry out individual shipment at the agreed location prior to departure)